A dream is becoming a reality!

I have a love for chocolates – and, I love sharing new findings with my friends – so I created a small event at one of my jobs where a few of us would gather to enjoy a tasting of some of my favorite chocolate bars.  This was a pleasure for me, as I was able to sit and discuss not only the fabulous chocolate and the depths of the flavors but also the latest on what was happening with my friends.

I want to take this event a step further and this is what I am doing… 4 o’Chocolate is that dream manifesting into a fun, interactive, and enjoyable experience – a new wave of social-networking around a fabulous topic!

I plan to make this site idea into an educational experience as well … learning and sharing what I can about the extraordinary gift of nature – the cacao bean!  I will share products from books to candy bars that explore the myriad of love that is created from the beans!

As with all creations, there are stages – so, at this point October 31st, 2008 – I am embarking on the first of many stages that I will take in this new adventure.

Here’s to following our passions – and sharing them with the world!

4 o’Chocolate – it’s time for bliss!


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