After a great conversation… it has come up that it might be a good idea to offer “tiers” of subscription to the memberships!  So… I will be crunching some numbers to come up with details for that.

For now, it sounds like a good idea to offer a “Weekdays” … that would be the full package Monday – Friday samples – approximately 20 in each monthly package; then a “MWF” package that would be 3 samples per week (approximately 12 in each monthly package) matching the Weekdays’ samples for those corresponding days; and finally, a “Monday Bars” which would be exactly that, just the corresponding samples for the ones going out in the other packages resulting in 4 or 5 samples per monthly shipment.  The idea is to have everyone sampling the same chocolates around 4pm (a great time of day to take a break).

Again, I will get the numbers dialed out and get that posted as soon as possible so that you can choose which membership package you would like to receive.

Additionally, I am actively researching how to send chocolate through the mail to warm climates without having a meltdown to the products!  I will keep you posted on my findings – but I am pretty sure I will have that concern solved very soon!

I am thrilled with how well this is growing already!  I look forward to creating this fun, informative and delicious opportunity for everyone!!  Thank you to everyone who has sent questions and comments for this adventure!

In Cacao Bliss,