November 2008

I realize it’s been a while since I’ve blogged on what has been happening – so much in the creative beginning stages!  I’m still not quite certain which tools I am going to use to create the first functioning stages for members.

I still have a strong desire to have a vegan option for members – challenge there – to find enough suppliers and bars to offer a strong variety and lasting quantity.

I am also thinking of how to expand the social network activities, functions, etc … what all would people like to know about chocolate?  I’d love for this site to be informative and educational, too.  How much are people willing to buy into?  Lectures, classes, or workshops?

I’ll be posting some ideas soon for some local gatherings around the informational side of chocolates… my heart is leaning towards a “pairing” class … suggestions on how to pair chocolates with foods, wines, and coffees.  This will probably launch after the holidays.

Today’s task is to write up the agreement for subscribing to the network.  I need to be able to consider all the points to address in creating an agreement for the site… it’s like brainstorming all the “what ifs” that could arise in this business – especially since there is a membership of (hopefully) hundreds of thousands of people.

So … this is a short, odd, blog post about my current process and current status on the site.  Right now I am sticking with the blog and possibly adding in a friendfeed group to serve the reviews… but, that right now will be for locals or folks who are able to buy the chocolates listed… I’m hesitant to list it right now; I need to talk to a few people first.  But the ideas and growth are churning and I am excited at the prospect of bringing this site to life.

As always, stay tuned… subscribe to the feed of this blog if ya have to… because when this goes live … it’s gonna be ablaze with HUGE FUN!


After a great conversation… it has come up that it might be a good idea to offer “tiers” of subscription to the memberships!  So… I will be crunching some numbers to come up with details for that.

For now, it sounds like a good idea to offer a “Weekdays” … that would be the full package Monday – Friday samples – approximately 20 in each monthly package; then a “MWF” package that would be 3 samples per week (approximately 12 in each monthly package) matching the Weekdays’ samples for those corresponding days; and finally, a “Monday Bars” which would be exactly that, just the corresponding samples for the ones going out in the other packages resulting in 4 or 5 samples per monthly shipment.  The idea is to have everyone sampling the same chocolates around 4pm (a great time of day to take a break).

Again, I will get the numbers dialed out and get that posted as soon as possible so that you can choose which membership package you would like to receive.

Additionally, I am actively researching how to send chocolate through the mail to warm climates without having a meltdown to the products!  I will keep you posted on my findings – but I am pretty sure I will have that concern solved very soon!

I am thrilled with how well this is growing already!  I look forward to creating this fun, informative and delicious opportunity for everyone!!  Thank you to everyone who has sent questions and comments for this adventure!

In Cacao Bliss,