It’s been an idea, then it was a fun event at work with friends – but now, NOW it is on its way to becoming something more.  This idea I have had is to share my love of chocolates with the world.  I have dreamed of having a site that will allow friends, family … and now the world … to explore chocolates in a club form and then share their reviews of the chocolates they try in one convenient location.  A network of chocolate lovers!

This is stage 1 of (not sure how many) in my getting started period.  What I am seeking now are those friends and network connections who would be interested in signing up for the first chocolate package to be sent out towards January 2009 – to begin the year with a new project, a new social-networking for a niche group of fabulous people … I mean, really … if you love chocolate, you will fit in splendidly well!

Imagine if you will … a package received once a month to begin this wonderful adventure – and potentially working up to a bi-weekly event – almost one chocolate sample per day to try and then to review!

I am working out the kinks on how to have the reviews submitted in the beginning and then eventually have it worked into the network site as a feature that you click on yourself, as a proud member, to fill in your review and click on the star ratings.

I am making a commitment to the first 100 members to sign up that they will receive special items in their packages – in addition to the chocolate to be reviewed – and they will be the first members guaranteed a lock-in rate of membership once the first 6 months of building out the site has finished.

Signing up now is an investing process … you will be helping me create this dream – you my friends, family members, and close networked connections … you can be an essential part of creating this dream by helping develop the site features through trial and progress.  I am committing to finding premium chocolate companies – with a conscious – ones who are organic and hopefully fair trade as well.  Those are my first round choices.  I will also explore some of the more mainstream companies like Lindt, Ghiradelli, Godiva, etc.  In this way, I will also be exploring these companies with a specific intent set – I will be asking them if they have an organic, fair-trade line of chocolates we can sample… thus planting the seed with whomever I speak that there is a strong – and ready market for them to evolve consciously toward more sustainable and human friendly practices.

SO!  Here we go… who’s with me?  Who is ready to get their 4 o’Chocolate fix?  Email me directly – and remember – I am limiting the membership for the first 6 months to only 100 members as that is all I think I can handle while I build the social-networking site that will allow us to share the entire experience more efficiently and quickly with the world!

Contact me:  —  you will receive a member number and receive periodic emails updating you on the status of the launch of the package sending (to begin hopefully the first week of January 2009) and with membership rates (estimated to start at $30/month – for the first 6 months – still working the figures out on this so it may change some).

Cocoa Bliss to All!